01. One Stop Health & Wellness Service Providers

Nurturing healthier and happier workplace

We are a certified health professionals-led wellness program consultancy. Dedicated towards enhancing organisational wellbeing by transforming one's lifestyle naturally and sustainably for the long term through education, engagement, fun games, challenges and practical guidance.

Wide ranging fields to improve

Work together with numeorus certified and experienced health professionals in diverse industries.

Enhancing employee engagement

Aspire to support our clientele in nurturing healthier and happier workplace culture/workplace

Believe in a holistic wellness

Encompassess strengthening the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing to deliver higher business productivity for your workplace.


To be the leading

  • Reliable
  • Accessible
  • Affordable

Corporate health and wellness service provider in Malaysia.


We aim to provide convenience to save client's resources (time & money) and bring a peace of mind by providing

  • multidisciplinary care approach
  • in-house health screening and wellness program
  • HRDF claimable services
02. Why is it essential

Adapt healthy lifestyle in this new normal

Nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious. Prevalence of physical issues such as overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and mental health issues such as stress & depression are always in an increasing trend.

Due to the pandemic breakout, people refuse to visit hospitals/clinics for check-ups and are unable to adopt a healthy lifestyle in this new normal. Other than that, people are uncertain about the actions to manage their health conditions after the health check

Reliable and convenient with customisable programs

Besides that, staffs are also feeling more stressed up due to the need adapt to a new norm. Their stress can affect the productivity at workplace. Employers are starting to look for wellness programs to help their employees to achieve a better health while helping them to reduce stress.

Hence, we decided to establish a platform that is reliable and convenient with a customisable corporate health and wellness programs to meet companies' needs.
Well-binar Wellness Program
03. Malaysians' Health Status

Maintain sustainable engagement, motivation and productivity

With work-related stress and healthcare costs on the rise, companies are facing lost due to increased absenteeism, presenteeism and medical claims. Research has shown that 97% of employees confirmed that health and wellness program created a positive impact on them. Hence, we believe that corporate wellness programs play a vital role in forming holistic development within organisation.
Vealth Status 1
4/10 People have high cholesterol
Vealth Status 2
Heart disease is still
No 1 Killer in Malaysia
Vealth Status 3
1 in every 4
diabetes caused by heart disease
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