Secret WEAPON to Increase Sales and Productivity in the Workplace!

Published on 1 August 2023

Sales is the top priority for every company worldwide. Regardless of the industry, sales serves as the key performance indicator (KPI) that measures success and the quality of service delivered to clients.

However, we're not here to discuss technical aspects such as employee skill set training or incentives for achieving targets or KPIs. It's assumed that you already take the initiative to provide comprehensive training and guidance in those areas. Instead, we want to address an often overlooked factor that directly impacts employees: their health and well-being.

Wait, does good health and wellness actually contribute to increased sales? It may seem surprising, but let the facts speak for themselves.

A meta-analysis of 225 academic studies revealed that happy employees exhibit, on average, 31% higher productivity and achieve 37% higher sales. Moreover, a paper published by the Social Market Foundation highlighted an even more significant impact of happiness on salespeople, showing a potential increase of up to 37% in sales.

One common mistake made by numerous companies is placing profits above the mental well-being of their employees, disregarding the fact that employees are the backbone of any business. No employees, there is no business. The formula is simple: happier employees lead to increased productivity and higher sales.

If your team is unhappy in their roles, the turnover rate is likely to rise, resulting in disruptions in production and significant expenses incurred in recruiting and training replacements. Conversely, happy employees are more productive and willingly contribute greater efforts to the company's growth, ultimately leading to increased profits.

Additionally, studies have shown that companies with happier employees tend to outperform their competitors by 20%. Furthermore, these content teams strive to accomplish more compared to their unhappy counterparts. Therefore, ensuring your team remains satisfied with their roles is of utmost importance.

To add to the significance of employee satisfaction, an eye-opening study revealed that close work friendships can boost employee satisfaction by a staggering 50%!

In conclusion, focusing on the well-being of your employees can be a powerful weapon to increase sales and productivity. By fostering a positive and supportive work environment, investing in employee happiness, and nurturing strong work relationships, your company can thrive and achieve remarkable success.

Remember, happy employees are not just a valuable asset; they are the driving force behind your company's growth and profitability.

Now you learn the trick, you are in the first step to achieve 37% more sales in your company!

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