01. Services

Certified health professional led wellness program consultancy

Dedicated towards enhancing organisational wellbeing by transforming one's lifestyle naturally and sustainably for the long term through education, engagement, fun games, challenges and practical guidance.

10 Minutes Health Check

Provide cost saving on-site Health Screening services to corporate of various industries.
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Early Detection Saves Lives
Cost Saving of Various Industries
Work Together with Beacon International Speacialist Centre as Smart Partnership
Customised Health Screening Packages
Fast and Convenient Health Screening


Comprehensive range of knowledge-filled and engaging wellness workshops/health talks
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Knowledge-find Wellness Workshop
Virtually Preferred Video Conferencing
Face-to-face Workshops
Monthly Seasonal Programs
Multiple Key Topics Included

Corporate Wellness Program (Well-Lympic)

Boost team bonding and employee engagement through providing knowledge and education
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Boost team Bonding and Engagement
Enjoy Free Screening and Consultations
Personalised Consultation, Diet and Fitness Challenges
Certified Friendly Dietitian
Incorporating Healthy Games and Challenges
02. Learn from our programs

Healthy and happy employees are company's greatest asset

Improve Return on Human Capital
Raise Engagement 
Unite your Organisation via a Common Goal
Job Satisfaction
Boost Confidence
03. Why us

A Holistic Way of Programming

All our corporate wellness programs are created based on the main pillars of wellness.

Physical Wellness

This focuses on strengthening and caring for your body for optional health and functionality.

Mental Wellness

To successfully handle life's stresses adapt to change and difficult times.

Wellness Program

This enables us to be more aware of our surroundings, promote sustainable living, and create small changes to make a big impact.

Financial Wellness

Improve one's relationship with money, creating behaviours that makes one more satisfied with their financial situation.

Social Wellness

Focus on having positive connections, building and nurturing meaningful and supportive relationships.
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