Our Custom Corporate Wellness Program For You | WELL-Tamin and WELL-Lympics

We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of your employees and promoting a healthy work culture. Our comprehensive package is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, with a range of offerings designed to foster a holistic approach to employee wellness.
Health Screening
(Pre & Post-Program)
1-to-1 Diet Consultation
(Pre & Post-Program)
Diet & Fitness 
Fitness Session
Closing Ceremony & Reward for 
Wellness Ambassadors
01. Assessment: 10-Minutes Health Screening

Health Screening, 1-to-1 Doctor Consultation and Report Analysis

Health Screening: Health screening involves a series of tests and assessments designed to identify potential health issues in individuals before they show noticeable symptoms.

1-to-1 Doctor Consultation: A 1-to-1 doctor consultation is a private, personalized session between a patient and a qualified healthcare professional. During this consultation, the doctor will discuss the patient's medical history, current health concerns, lifestyle habits, and any symptoms they might be experiencing.

Report Analysis: After undergoing health screening tests or diagnostic procedures, individuals receive reports detailing their test results.

02. Awareness: WELL-Binar and WELL-Prep


Mental Health

Stress & Emotion management

Nutrition Health

Healthy Eating, Nutrition Label

Ergonomics Health

Text Neck and Back Pain

Public Health

Breast Cancer/ Covid-19 booster
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Yogurt Parfait

Chia Pudding Oats

Spring Rolls


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03. Action: WELL-tamin and WELL-lympics

30-Minutes WELL-Tamin: 1-to-1 Diet Consultation

Dieititian or nutritionist will recommend the right diet plan, personalized just for you based on your
  • Lifestyle
  • Health goals
  • Health conditions

WELL-Lympics: Wellness Games

Diet Monitoring & Motivation
Diet & Fitness Games
My Healthy Plate
No Fried Food
Happy Walk for 3km
Daily 16
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