WELL-Binar - awareness wellness workshops / health talks

WELL-Binar is a wellness program that offers virtual or onsite health talks for employees, covering topics such as nutrition, stress management, fitness, and mental health.
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Vealth Well-Binar
01. 60mins Health Talk: WELL-Binar

Awareness Program

These interactive sessions provide valuable information and empower employees to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Mental Health

Stress & Emotion management

Nutrition Health

Healthy Eating, Nutrition Label

Ergonomics Health

Text Neck and Back Pain

Public Health

Breast Cancer/ Covid-19 booster

Eye Health

Digital Eye Straining

Ear Health

Listening Fatigue

Financial Wellness

Financial Planner
Who moves my money?

Physical Health

Fitness Trainer
Kickboxing, HITT, Zumba

Social Health

Certified Professional
(Enterpreneur) Trainer
Designing Your Life

Dental Health

Perfecting Smiles: Oral & Dental Health

Laughter Wellness

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Beauty Inside Out (Anti-Ageing)

Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Discover 30++ topics from us
The white collar WELL-Binar is focused on addressing office health problems.
Speaker Topics
Physiotherapist/ Chiropractor Bye Bye Pain: Tackling Physical Struggles for Office Life
Clinical Psychologist Fueling Productivity: Energising Yourself for Nonstop Workdays
Optometrist Sharp Eyes in Digital World: Overcoming Eye Fatigue with Ease
Dentist Power of Healthy Smile: Boosting Confidence Inside Out
Dietitian Effortless Family Meals: Cooking Made Simple with One-Pot Delights
The Blue Collar Wellbinar is dedicated to addressing health issues specifically related to non-office work environments.
Penceramah Topik-Topik
Fisioterapi/ Kiropraktor Ergonomik Power Up: Mencapai Daya Optima Di Tempat Kerja
Klinikal Psikologi Urus Stress, Kerja Beres
Doktor Perubatan Cergas Dan Selamat Di Tempat Kerja
Dietitian Menu Rahmah: Tips Makan Secara Sihat Dan Jimat
Dietitian Tahu Apa Anda Makan: Garam, Gula Dan Lemak

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